Don't you know how to open the APP file? We will help you.

File Extension APP

.APP file extension is the file format for Mac OS APPlication bundles. These are installer package files on the Apple’s Operating system for Personal computers. These are similar to the EXE files that exist on the windows platform for APPlication installation.
The .APP bundle file format is used to store APPlication data, framework executable code as well as plugin code. The structure of the file contains a directory hierarchy with the top level directory generally named “contents”. The main executable code is actually stored inside a MAC folder in the APP bundle called MacOS.

File type MAC Application Package Or Core System Service Format
Developer Apple

Programs that open the APP file


While searching for an answer to the question - How to open the APP file? - you probably found websites, which offer software that was able to open any file extension. Do not be fooled, there is no one program that will allow you to work with any file extension, including the APP file. Each program contains a different type of data and you need specialized software to properly work with the APP file. Here is a list of programs that are designed to work with the APP file - remember, these applications are able to open at most a few file extensions, they are designed to work with a specific data type.

Common problems with the APP file

APP file is damaged

If after installing the program from a list, you still cannot open a file with the APP extension, the reason may be that the file is damaged. The solution may be to find a new copy of the APP file you want to open

The APP file extension is not linked with the appropriate application

In this case, the easiest way is to use the tool built into the operating system for association of the APP file with applications to support it. Double click on the file you cannot open - the operating system will display a list of programs that are likely to work with your APP file. Choose one of them, or select the location on a disk where you installed one of the applications from our list. Windows should then open the APP file using the program installed earlier.

The entry for the APP file in the "Windows Registry" has been removed or damaged

Entries containing links of the APP file extensions with applications is located in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. If you do not know how to get to the Windows Registry, or how to make changes in it, ask a specialist for help. Lack of knowledge on the subject may cause irreversible changes on your computer.

The APP file is infected by a virus

There may be a situation when a computer virus passes itself off as the APP file. In this case, such a file will definitely not be opened. Download a good antivirus program and scan the APP file mentioned. If the antivirus application detects malicious data, it may signify that the APP file is infected.

Similar file extensions

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