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Alcohol 120%

Below is a list of file extensions that are supported by the application Alcohol 120%. If the application Alcohol 120% supports the file extension it does not mean that it will be able to edit the specific file. Sometimes it may be used only to view its contents. If such a function of the application Alcohol 120% meets your expectations in relation to a specific file extension, you can safely go to the manufacturer's website and download the program Alcohol 120%.

Name Alcohol 120% Supported files 15

File types supported by Alcohol 120%

I need a program Alcohol 120%, what do you do?


The most secure way to download the application Alcohol 120% is to use the official source on the manufacturer's website. Attempting to download the program Alcohol 120% from sites offering free software can result in the installation on your computer of unwanted add-ons or display disruptive advertising.